Why is Free Spirit Freelance Ideal for Creatives?

If you noticed the site description, then you noticed it mentioned I offer services for “creatives and businesses.” You might be curious why I worded it that way.

Creatives Do Things Differently

I’m a creative myself. Writing and photography are my passions. I have creative kids – one makes knives and the other wants to make video games (and also makes knives). My grandfather was an amateur photographer. My best friend is a life coach and intuitive healer.

I get how the creative soul works. Sometimes you just can’t create if you’re not feeling it, and that leads to tight deadlines.

Sometimes you need that external motivation from someone else to stop procrastinating and do what needs to be done.

And sometimes, you’re not able to wrap your head around the more logical, practical aspects of doing business and you need someone else to help out – or take over entirely.

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Creatives Want to Focus on Creating

Like any business, creatives want to focus on why they started working for themselves: creating. Taking time away from productive, paying work to focus on checking emails, managing social media, or handling invoicing is of no interest – but it’s a necessary evil.

When you hire Free Spirit Freelance, you get to focus on what’s important to you: your creative work. I can handle your social media, your emails, and even your invoicing. I can also manage your schedule, and if you’re not the type to remember to check your calendar, I can remind you of upcoming events and activities so that you don’t miss out on opportunities to network and learn, or even just have fun.

Creative and Practical

Because I’m creative myself, I understand the needs of another creative. But I’m also able to balance my creativity with practicality. I know the boring stuff must get done, and I know how to get it done.

Whether you want me to handle your inbox, manage your social media, schedule your calendar, handle invoicing, or any combination of these, I can take over the mundane business tasks that take you away from what you love to do.

I’ll learn your creative voice to make sure that your emails or social media are smooth. No one ever has to know you’ve hired out the work unless you want them to.

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As we work out the kinks and find the routine that works for us both, I’ll even create a “Standard Operating Procedure” that will not only outline what I do for you but provide detailed instructions on how to do it. There will also be lists of websites and programs we utilize, along with their login information so that you can take over any time you wish, or pass the work on to another freelancer if I’m on vacation or you decide to go another way.

Focus on What Makes Your Soul Sing

Why waste your precious time on the boring tasks that you don’t enjoy when you could spend that time on what you really love?

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Hiring me allows you to focus on your passion. You’ll be more productive, enthusiastic, and energized. You’ll be less stressed while accomplishing just as much and more.

Contact me today for a custom quote for meeting your needs.

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