Are you looking for content for your blog or copy for your website?

Do you have administrative tasks that need to be done but not enough time (or interest) to get to them?

Is your website getting lots of traffic – but no sales, or lots of people bouncing and you don’t know why?

Think of Me as Your Gal Friday

I offer one-stop shopping for most of your needs. Whether you need a blog post, a virtual assistant, or help figuring out how to get people to take action on your website, I can do it all.

Why hire me over another service? Several reasons, actually.

Build a Relationship

Because I can help you across multiple needs, we can build a better working relationship. As I handle more of your business needs and get to know you, your business, and your website better, I’ll be in a position to more easily provide exactly what you’re looking for, with less of the back and forth discussion that you might need to have each time you look to hire a new freelancer to handle something for you.


The more freelancers you have to hire to handle your needs, the more people who have access to private information about your business. You might think that the limited access also limits vulnerability, but you’d be surprised. By hiring one freelancer to handle multiple areas, you limit the number of opportunities for someone to slip up and share information that you don’t want shared.


Which is faster: sending three emails to different people to outline different tasks that need to be completed, or sending just one email to one person with the same tasks? Now apply the same question to phone calls or Skyping.

You’ll save a lot of time by hiring me. You’ll also save yourself the hassle of having to adjust tone or method of delivery. Instead of having one freelancer who prefers emails and another who prefers video calls, I can adjust to whatever delivery method you prefer.


Over the last three years, I have written or ghostwritten 600+ pieces, including product descriptions, blog posts, articles, and copy.

I have done user testing of 600+ websites in the past five years. These sites have been in a variety of categories, including education, shopping, real estate, law, and entertainment.

I’ve also spent at least a decade working as an assistant, handling everything from a 19-line switchboard to scheduling, checking emails, coordinating interviews and meetings, and even typing up podcast show notes.

I bring all of my experience to every task I do for my clients and ensure that the finished product, from blog posts to user tests to the way their calendar looks, is top-notch.

My Specialties

As a freelance writer, I specialize in pregnancy and parenting, relationships, law, and real estate. However, I thrive on research and have no issue taking on an assignment in any industry.

For all other services, it’s wide open! Whatever your business, I can tailor my skills to suit your needs.

I’m a quick study, picking up new tasks with ease and determining the best path forward when I reach a point of confusion.  I don’t hesitate to ask questions if I need to, but I’ll also find a way to keep working while I wait for your response.

I pride myself on meeting my deadlines, and have no issue with tight deadlines from clients.

I enjoy working with other creatives, such as graphic designers, podcasters, web designers, life coaches, and bloggers.

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