VA/OBM Testimonials

“Shout out to my biz manager Wendy! Due to her incredible pitching skills I will be a guest on 4 podcasts in January and February. I will be chatting about healing from a narcissistic relationship, healing for single mommas, my previous tiny house lifestyle and what it taught me, and more!

For a small healing biz like mine this means so much, because I don’t advertise. It’s all word of mouth and trust. I’m so excited that I get to talk about all of these incredible topics and advocate for these important causes and people will hopefully connect with me through my message. It’s authentic, honest, raw and beautiful.

💫So Grateful.💫”Bonnielee Cuevas of Beautiful-lee Free

Writing Testimonials

“Thanks for your hard work, the article looks great!”

“Looks Great! Thanks!”

“Very good article. Well written and to the point. Good job!” -Bob

“Upbeat and entertaining blog post. She did everything we asked!”

“I would like to work with you again. You followed instructions and allowed your own voice to shine even when writing for a client. Thank you!”

“Excellent Job Wendy! LOL, I LOVE your style & tone. How busy do you want to be? I’ve got a lot more, where that came from!” – Chaz

“Excellent job! Very well written & fun to read!”


“Thanks so much, it looks perfect. :)”

“Thanks very much! I appreciate the links to specific products on Amazon. If you have additional time, I would like to send more direct orders your way. In the next order I may want to get into more detail with one product which I am sure you would be able to provide content for. Thanks again!” -Steve