Meet Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller is the founder of Free Spirit Freelance. She began considering the idea of working for herself in late 2009 when she broke her ankle and took six months to recover after surgery.

The path to Free Spirit Freelance was long and rather winding, as she tried writing and publishing a few novels, homeschooled her children, and tried to figure out what she could do to work for herself.

As a writer, she has always loved research, and she discovered that there was more immediate and satisfying gratification in writing blog posts and articles that were finished and in front of an audience much more quickly than writing a book.

She spent over a decade performing a variety of administrative tasks for other businesses, including a cable company, an RV parts wholesaler, and a construction company.

It was actually her dear friend who planted the seed that became Free Spirit Freelance. This friend pointed out the variety of skills and services that Wendy had to offer, and suggested that she consider starting her own business. With that, Free Spirit Freelance was born.

That same friend was also Wendy’s first client, which helped her ease into the world of working for herself.

These days, Wendy enjoys working with creatives, such as artists, photographers, and businesses like yoga studios, as well as small businesses. Her skills are uniquely suited to these particular niches.

Creatives often find that they have unusual tasks they need done, or that they do better when they can rely on their writer or VA to be able to handle things on the fly rather than planned far in advance. Wendy offers packages for both writing and virtual assisting that give creatives the flexibility they need while also ensuring that their work gets done.

Small businesses often need an extra hand, but can’t afford to hire the whole hand. Wendy offers a flexible approach, providing them with a package that gives them the hours they need at a cost they can afford. No need to hire a full-time employee and pay for benefits, unemployment, and worry about withholding taxes – not to mention needing to have enough work to keep them busy.

In addition to running Free Spirit Freelance, Wendy is also a mom. She enjoys spending time with her kids and boyfriend. When she’s not working or spending quality time with the family, she enjoys movies, reading, yoga, meditation, swimming, and cooking.