5 Reasons You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

You’re an expert in your industry. You know everything there is to know about your product or service, and you can run circles around your competition when it comes to putting out a quality product. But selling that product almost always requires at least some written content. That’s where the decision to hire a freelance writer comes in.

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No matter how knowledgeable you are, or how high quality your product or service is, if you can’t write, you’ll never sell it. A freelance writer can provide you with great content that will draw customers in rather than pushing them away.

Consider the following five reasons for hiring a freelance writer.

It Saves Time

Creating quality content takes time. If you’re busy trying to run a business, finding the time to create that content isn’t easy. And if you’re not a skilled writer on top of that, it can take even longer.

A freelance writer has the skills, knowledge, and ability to create that content more quickly. They do it on a daily basis, keeping those skills sharp. It frees your time for the more important tasks that you can’t outsource.

Bad Writing Doesn’t Sell

If your content is littered with poor grammar, spelling, or typos, your potential customer is going to take one look at it and then head straight for your competitor – whose product isn’t as good as yours, but whose content is polished perfectly.

The thing about poor grammar, spelling, and typos is that even if you’re normally really good at those things, things can slip by you. You’re in a hurry to try to create a blog post and get it published, and you end up typing waist instead of waste. It sounds the same, so when you read it over, you can easily miss it. A clunky sentence may sound clunky, but the information is necessary. If you don’t know how to fix it, you’ll decide clunky is better than missing information.

A freelance writer can ensure the proper spelling of every word, as well as making sure that the text flows smoothly and easily. They’ll organize the writing in a way that makes sense, rather than just whatever comes to mind at the moment. You’ll end up with great content that attracts visitors rather than sends them away.

You’re Too Close to the Business

You know your business inside and out. Every detail, every industry event, every bit of news and updates, and all of your competitors – this knowledge is at your fingertips. This is great for creating a quality product or service, but does it translate well to sales?

Not always.

Knowing all the ins and outs of how a piece of hardware works is great for you to create the hardware, but a customer just wants to know what it will do for them. They don’t necessarily want technical specs or in depth info about production methods or how part A transfers information to part B which then operates part C. They want to know that it will operate their garage door smoothly, feed their family, or secure their property.

A freelance writer is able to walk that fine line. They are outside your industry far enough to look at it from a customer’s perspective, yet able to research and learn how your product works. They can then write a piece of content that provides the information most customers would be looking for, while sounding knowledgeable.

And that will sell your product.

They Get Results

Putting a product up on your website is a start to selling it. But providing nothing more than an image and a price isn’t going to get you very far. You still need a description of the product. You need copy that tells customers why they need your product or service. You need content that persuades the user that they should buy this product or service, and they should buy it from you.

A freelance writer knows how to create this. They know how to create text that informs, excites, and persuades people. And they know how to do it quickly.

Of course, there are no guarantees. A writer can create the most compelling copy in the world, and it still may not convert. Where the content is placed, the quality of the product itself, and the customer’s desire for the product all come into play as well.

However, well-written content provided by an experienced freelance writer is much more likely to get you results than something you’ve tried to throw together in a hurry, or that is too technical to be understood by a layperson.

You’ll Get More Bang for Your Buck

Consider this: a freelance writer says she’ll charge you $150 for a 500-word blog post. At first, you may think this is an exorbitant amount, and wonder why on earth you should pay someone that much. But how long would it take you to write a 500-word blog post?

Let’s say it only took you a couple of hours. What else might you be ignoring for that two hours? Would you be skipping meetings? Setting aside product research and development? Not spending time with family? How much is that time worth to you?

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Now think about the fact that it probably won’t take you just two hours. It will probably take you longer, more like three or four at least. Then throw in that that time will probably be broken up, a few minutes here and there, in between those other things you need to do. So now, not only is it taking you several hours to write the post, but it won’t be ready in any timely fashion because you’re fitting it in. It could be weeks before you finish it.

A writer, on the other hand, will take on your assignment, and when they work on it, it will be their sole focus. They’ll do whatever research is necessary, sit down and start writing. It might still take them a couple of hours, but it will be a dedicated couple of hours that creates a quality piece of content. It will be a couple of hours all at once that results in your content being delivered and ready for publication much sooner than you would have done it yourself.

It’s tempting, particularly as a small business owner, to want to do everything yourself. You think it will save time and money, or that you can’t afford to outsource things. But you can’t do everything. You have to prioritize and figure out what things you truly have to do yourself and outsource the rest. If you hire a freelance writer to handle the tasks of your web copy, blog posts, and other written content, you’ll find that the time saved and quality content you receive more than makes up for the expense.

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