5 Little Known Tasks Your VA Can Handle

For many, a virtual assistant is no different than an in-office assistant. They think of typical administrative tasks for the VA to handle, such as checking emails and managing calendars. But your VA can do much more than just basic admin work. Consider these five little known tasks that your VA can handle for you.

Content Prep, Writing, and Editing

Whether you need content for a corporate or creative blog or web copy to sell a product or service, many virtual assistants can not only research and outline it for you but also write and edit it. This frees up a lot of time for you and also ensures you have quality content without paying an additional freelancer or going through a content mill.

You can simply let your VA run with content, or you can provide guidelines, such as content length, topic, keywords, and whether you want it optimized for SEO (hint: if you’re not sure, you should opt for optimization.).

Some virtual assistants, like me, will also provide royalty-free images, or even create them for you. They can also be created with quotes from the content that are suitable for social sharing to draw in more readers.

Social Media Management

Speaking of social sharing, social media management is another area that your virtual assistant can handle with ease. The definition of social media management is broad, ranging from merely scheduling the content you provide to be shared (or simply posting it manually) to the creation and sharing of content.

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Social media is an area that is often either partially or fully neglected or feels so time-consuming that you wish you could ignore it. There are plenty of automation services, but even that takes time. Plus, you have to create content, find other content to share, and remember to engage with those who comment on your posts.

A virtual assistant is often quite skilled at handling social media. They are not only familiar with many automation services, but may even be able to offer suggestions about which social media platforms are most beneficial to your business and which ones you can safely ignore.

Customer Service

You may have a call center or a full department that handles customer service calls, but a VA can still help with customer service. They can create and send out surveys about customer satisfaction, and put together a report for you indicating customer satisfaction and complaints.

They can also gather feedback from your customer service reps, social media and other sources, and let you know the most common complaints and praise that your company receives.


If you like to record phone calls, Skype calls, or other audio for later reference, you might also like having it transcribed. It can be easier to find the specific information you’re looking for in a transcript than to try to fast forward and rewind through the audio.

Many VAs can transcribe audio for you. Depending on the length of the audio, it can be transcribed and returned to you in as little as an hour or two or a week or more. You can also request to have it broken into smaller chunks if it’s a particularly large audio file.

Some VAs can also include timestamps in the transcription to make it easier for you to reference the specific location in the audio when you need to play it back.

Project Management

Deadlines, deliverables, materials, and people are all things that need to be tracked in any project, large or small. This can be time-consuming and also frustrating for you.

Your VA can handle this for you. Since most of this information is already written down in a contract or project management software, it’s easy to turn this over to your VA and let her deal with getting updates or finding out the cause behind delays.

Depending on the level of authority you want to give to your VA, she can even handle changing deadlines or swapping materials when needed to keep the project moving along smoothly.

The purpose of a virtual assistant is to make your life easier. While there may be plenty of mundane administrative tasks that you can pass off to them, you’ll get the most benefit if you think of unique opportunities to hand off. The more you can allow the virtual assistant to handle, the more time you’ll have to work on things that are more important and can’t be handled by anyone other than you.

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